Empowering Cultural Transformation with Culture15.

Executive Summary

Welcome to the Culture15 Workshop Series, a comprehensive and dynamic initiative designed to catalyse meaningful cultural transformation within your organisation. Rooted in the Culture15 behavioural framework, these workshops are strategically crafted to guide your teams toward embodying behaviours that drive innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth.

Why Culture15 Workshops?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, a robust and adaptive culture is a strategic imperative. We recognise that culture plays a pivotal role in shaping the way we work, communicate, and achieve our goals. The Culture15 platform, in conjunction with workshops and consultancy, offers a proven roadmap for cultivating behaviours that align with your vision, values, and aspirations.

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Leveraging the Workshops

These workshops are not just events; they’re pivotal milestones on our journey to foster a culture that powers our success. By attending these workshops, you and your teams will:

  • Immerse in Culture15: Deepen your understanding of the Culture15 framework, its core principles, and its potential to transform your organisation.
  • Behavioural Mastery: Explore the 15 key behaviours that underpin a high-performing culture. Learn how to embody and inspire these behaviours at every level.
  • Real-world Application: Through interactive exercises, case studies, and discussions, you’ll gain practical insights into integrating Culture15 behaviours into your daily interactions and decision-making.
  • Collaboration Amplification: The workshops foster cross-functional collaboration, enabling teams to share experiences, challenges, and innovative solutions.
  • Leadership Empowerment: Leaders will acquire tools to champion culture transformation within their teams, inspiring a ripple effect across the organisation.

Your Call to Action

Embarking on this journey requires commitment and engagement from every individual. As a leader within our organisation, we urge you to:

  1. Participate Actively: Attend the workshops with an open mind and a readiness to engage. Your involvement sets the tone for your teams.
  2. Lead by Example: Embrace Culture15 behaviours in your interactions and decision-making. Your commitment is the catalyst for cultural change.
  3. Empower Your Teams: Encourage your team members to attend and actively participate. Share the workshop insights, driving alignment from top to bottom.
  4. Share Your Success: As you observe positive shifts in behaviours and outcomes, share your success stories. Inspire others to embrace the journey.


The Culture15 Workshop Series is your opportunity to shape your cultural evolution, to redefine how you collaborate, innovate, and succeed. Together, we’ll create a culture that empowers you to achieve your vision and reach new heights of excellence.

Thank you for your commitment to this transformative journey. Let’s embark on this adventure and unlock a future defined by the power of Culture15.

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