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Eliminate cultural fuzziness to drive performance

Successful leaders incite unified action by showing a clear path towards a better future. Culture15 arms you with that path, driving the leadership conversations that create change.

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Culture drives performance

Why culture, not engagement, drives business performance

Engagement matters, but although it measures individual performance, it doesn’t always connect with strategy, nor correlate with business outcomes.

What if you have high engagement, yet low organisational performance? This is more common than you might think.

Ultimately, culture – not engagement – determines business performance.

That’s why, if you’re shooting for a sea-change, the first step is to diagnose the culture you have and define the culture you want, then close the culture gap.

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Culture vs Engagement

The difference between culture and engagement

Leaders often use engagement surveys in an attempt to understand culture, only to find the results interesting, but not useful.

Why? Because engagement surveys aggregate individual sentiment, whereas culture analytics measure collective behaviours.

Engagement data tells you how people feel, while culture data tells you what people do; and it’s what people do – the culture – that drives engagement or disengagement as an outcome.

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Getting real

A revolutionary framework based on practice, not theory

Too often, measurement methodologies are academic and theoretical, but lack practical value in the real word. As a result, data gets filed in a drawer, leadership conversations spin in circles and change initiatives fail.

That’s why Culture15 is based on decades of real world culture change experience, providing actionable, accurate insights that relate directly to your business challenges and light the pathway from your current reality to your desired outcome.

As a result, the framework is easy to grasp and easy to execute on; and onboarding takes days, not weeks nor months.

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Alignment, at last

Bring all your initiatives together with a powerful ‘hook’

Most change-making leaders find themselves caught up in complex, costly web of initiatives around culture, engagement, values, leadership, purpose and more.

Too often, these efforts are disjointed and don’t clearly link to your strategy.

Culture15 solves this once and for all, aligning your existing people initiatives under one clear framework that serves as the ‘hook’ on which everything else hangs.

When your values and purpose are perfectly aligned with the culture you’ve defined and the performance you desire, strategy execution is unstoppable.

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A lexicon for transformation

Adopt a common language to accelerate change

Clarity and alignment are essential for creating successful change.

Leadership teams often struggle to align their perspectives, wasting time and energy tailspinning around definitions of culture. Without a shared mental model, energy frizzles out, frustration builds and haphazard efforts culminate in false starts.

Culture15 cuts through the noise by providing you with a common, straightforward vocabulary that enables leaders to focus on action, not semantics.

When your teams talks the same language and the path to your target culture is clear, leaders can focus on eliminating barriers to forward motion.

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Your journey

Track culture change progress over time

Culture change isn’t one and done. It’s a continuous evolution as you strive towards your desired levels of performance; then set the bar higher still.

In today’s world of work, perpetual transformation is the norm, but how do you know whether your efforts are paying off?

Culture15 provides absolute clarity on where you are, how far you’ve come and how far you’ve yet to go to reach your target culture.

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A common platform

Inclusion, security, agility… it all comes back to culture

Today’s leaders are under pressure to meet or exceed expectations in areas like diversity and inclusion, risk awareness and cyber security, agility, and many more.

It’s common to expend energy and budget treating these as independent tracks in your organisation, yet true transformation across multiple dimensions happens when you realise that all roads lead to culture’s door.

Culture15 provides a common platform and a holistic view of progress in areas that are typically pursued in silos, reducing complexity and increasing impact.


Game-changing leaders trust Culture15 to accelerate transformation

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