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Putting culture at the heart of business performance

At Culture15 we work together to transform results by focusing on organisational culture: the habits, mindsets and behaviours that drive strategy execution.

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What we do

Our philosophy

Whether or not an organisation can fulfil its strategic ambition, hit its wildly important goals and sustain high performance rests on human mindsets and behaviours.

Leadership teams who adopt a shared language, armed with a clear understanding of their current culture, target culture and the culture gap that lies between can align, focus and execute to deliver an outstanding impact.

Culture15 is more than an analytics platform: it’s a driver of game-changing conversations.

Culture needn’t be fuzzy and amorphous. Rather culture should be accurate and actionable.

We’re here to provide that clarity: to light the way, drive the conversation and unlock latent potential.

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What we believe

Balancing people, planet and profit

A core reason why organisations and societies fail to make progress is that they view issues like Purpose, Security and Sustainability as separate from – and therefore peripheral to – their core activities, such as generating profit.

We believe that it’s impossible to make a distinction between profit and purpose. This is implicit in putting culture at the heart of business performance.

Through this lens, we see the development of greater responsibility and humanity in organisations as complementary to generating profit – and apply this thinking not only to our client interactions but also to ourselves.

If organisations can balance people, planet and profit, there is no conflict between doing good and making money.

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Why we exist

Our Story

For decades, the definition of culture has remained the same. It is, as it always has been, all about group behaviours.

What has changed, radically, is the significance of culture in our new world of work.

As leaders today fall under increasing pressure to do more with less – to drive ever-higher performance in the face of rising complexity – culture has earned its place at the heart of business performance and the primary focus of leadership teams who understand that it is impossible to execute their strategy without getting their culture right.

Culture15’s framework is based on decades of experience, designed by practitioners at Coode Associates who’ve facilitated culture change at some of the world’s greatest companies.

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Unlocking human potential

The humanisation of work

The pandemic accelerated a trend that was already well under way: the humanisation of the workforce.

People are seeking more meaning and fulfilment from work than ever before; and a better quality of life. This generational shift will continue to rise alongside expectations, disrupting traditional cultures.

Work is no longer about what you do, it’s about how you think. As work becomes increasingly cognitive – not least due to machines taking on routine tasks – ensuring people are well equipped and well trained isn’t enough. Instead, we need to help people be at their best more often, thinking at the highest level they’re capable of, as we strive for self-actualisation.

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A fresh approach

Our vision

Since the dawn of organisations, we’ve measured success based on financial performance alone.

Tools like balance sheets and cash flow forecasts offer some understanding of business health and dynamics, but until now, half of the picture has been missing.

The core reason why leaders often ignore human decisions as they strive to improve performance is that they have had no choice: they can only measure the financial.

If your business is comprised of both financial and human capital, why wouldn’t you measure the human part? If you can look at a balance sheet to see one dimension of company health, how do you gauge cultural heath?

Our mission at Culture15 is to address this imbalance by enabling leaders to diagnose, define and track culture – putting it at the heart of business performance.

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