Culture Analytics
The culture analytics platform

An integrated, AI-driven culture analytics platform

A new way to measure and manage culture. All your cultural drivers in one place, allowing the definition of your target culture, diagnostic of the current state and the tracking of your progress towards closing The Culture Gap ®

Culture drives performance

Culture Analytics - Accelerate

Accelerate and amplify change

While the CEO’s view is important, it’s just one perspective. By clearly articulating the changes needed in an objective, measurable, and descriptive way, you can amplify the message and encourage everyone to take action.
Culture Analytics - Align

Create leadership alignment

To ensure that your leadership team and the entire organisation are on the same page, it’s important to have open and meaningful conversations about your current position, where you want to go, and exactly what steps you need to take to get there.
Culture Analytics - High Performance

Build a high performance culture

To make abstract concepts like performance, agility, and innovation more tangible and actionable, it’s important to adopt a straightforward and practical framework with a shared language. This can help turn these concepts into a concrete roadmap for change.

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People interactions

Do your people work together in a way that favours the collective or the individual? Is there a climate of harmony or challenge? Is there a strong sense of accountability? How parental is your culture?
Decision Making


Is your approach to decision-making largely discursive or decisive? Do you focus more on gaining consensus, or delivering results? How hierarchical is your organisation?
Task Execution


Does your culture have a predominantly fixed or learning mindset? How much effort do you expend on planning vs taking action? Is your interaction style more relational or empathetic?

Energy orientation

Is your culture ambitious or cautious? Does the focus of your team’s energy rest on internal or external forces? Do your teams tend to interact formally or informally?
Information Flow

Information flow

How transparent is your organisational culture? Does information typically flow-one way or many-to-many? Is communication structured or unstructured?

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