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Culture is all about what you do. To achieve high performance, focus on behaviours. The worlds top companies align collective behaviours with their organisation’s strategy. You should too.

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Game-changing leaders trust Culture15 to accelerate change


Define the target culture you need for your strategy to be successful


Diagnose today’s culture and understand where you’re starting


Repeat diagnostics to track progress towards closing the Culture Gap

Behaviours and Capabilities

Boost performance by understanding your behaviours and capabilities

To ensure successful and quick change, it’s important to move beyond just talking about culture in a general way. Leaders should focus on discussing specific, observable behaviors that are shared by the group. This is the basis of Culture15’s approach to culture measurement, which gives you a plan for achieving high performance.

Culture Measurement Tool

What we do

To be successful you need to get your culture right

Just because you have a great strategy, it doesn’t mean you’ll
automatically succeed. The key to success is having the right

If you have the right culture, it can greatly improve your
performance. But if you have the wrong culture, it can slow you

Culture refers to how people work and interact in a group. To
understand culture, you need a way to measure the behaviours in
your company.

Culture15 is a tool that measures your company’s culture and makes
it a central part of your success. It also tracks your progress as you
work to improve it.

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