Episode #1 – Sam Galsworthy, Co-Founder of Sipsmith Gin

Sipsmith Gin

In this first episode of The Culture de-cooded podcast, Charlie talks with Sam Galsworthy, founder of Sipsmith Gin.

Sam talks about his journey as an entrepreneur, the founding story of Sipsmith and the development of the business and its culture through the early stages, rapid growth and acquisition by Beam Suntory.

Throughout, Sam is candid and personal in his reflections on leadership, culture and growing a market-defining business.

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00:00:00-Welcome to Episode 1

00:01:28-Introduction to Sam’s Career & the drinks industry

00:07:46-The idea of Sipsmith Gin

00:10:10-Taking the plunge, starting a business & changing the law

00:16:28-The roots of Culture

00:27:10-The evolution of Sipsmith, growth & tension

00:33:35-Successful chaos & the development of culture through language & behaviour

00:42:00-Acquisition by Beam Suntory, the reduction of chaos & culture shift

00:48:00-Reflection on the journey, experiences in lockdown & the ministry of fun

00:56:58-Becoming a B-Corp & looking to the future

01:09:10-Sam’s leadership journey in a song

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