Episode #3 – David Tait, CEO of the World Gold Council

Culture De-cooded EP#3 - David Tait

In this episode, David Tait candidly dissects his life experiences and discusses how they have impacted his leadership style and mindset during his role as CEO of the World Gold Council. 

David describes the cultural transformation he has led at the World Gold Council since joining in 2018, and highlights his determination to fundamentally shift the culture within the gold industry, through his commitment to responsible sourcing, transparency, and digitalisation. 

David also reflects on his time at Credit Suisse, and talks about how the seeds of its future demise as an organisation were already visible when he left in 2015. David highlights the genuine fulfilment he experiences from leading people and investing in culture. He also talks about his early life experiences which have shaped his mindset and driven him to raise millions of pounds for the NSPCC through his multiple ascents of Everest and other fundraising activities.


1:17 – Introduction to David’s career
3:03 – Overview of the World Gold Council 
8:05 – Challenges of cultural transformation in the gold industry
32:17 – Experiences of shifting the focus onto Culture
37:56 – Reflections on the culture at Credit Suisse 
45:15 – Early life experiences, fundraising for the NSPCC and the only north-south traverse of Everest 
52:16 – The writing of David’s life story and creation of his film Sulfur and White
57:39 – David’s mindset throughout leadership 
01:06:08 – David’s leadership journey encapsulated in one song

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